How to 'Sign Up' and 'Log your first ticket'

How to 'Sign Up' and 'Log your first ticket'

Sign Up and First Ticket Creation

  1. If you are not yet a user please use the 'Sign Up' option.

  1. You will be directed to the 'Sign Up' page with the below compulsory fields that please need to be completed.

  1. An email with an Invitation link will be sent to your previously provided email address.

  1. Once the Invitation is accepted your user to be redirected to your new 'Zoho' profile and you can submit your first 'Ticket' by selecting '+' and 'Submit a ticket'.

  1. The 'Submit a ticket' screen has the following fields.

Secondary Contacts (CCs): This will include users in the ticket that will be notified with each ticket update
Account Name: If you are not yet associated to an account you may leave this blank and a support agent will complete this action on your behalf. Alternatively you may type in the account name and see if it is there.
Phone: Your contact details
Subject: A short ticket description
Description: A detailed ticket description
Priority: How urgent is this request. (This might be adjusted by the ticket agent, depending on the issue)
Classifications: A Classification will be one of the following - Question - Issue - Automation Request or Other.

  1. Once all compulsory fields are completed you may submit the ticket.

When a 'Ticket' has been created, 'ZOHO' will send an email to your registered email address with the newly created ticket details.

  1. You will also be directed to your 'My Area' where you can view the 'Ticket' that was created and also any future 'Tickets'.

Congratulations, you've 'Signed Up' and created your first 'Ticket'!